Here are my ‘musings’ (not all original) concerning The Intersection Paddington Bricks & Mortar V’s E-Commerce;


”Bricks & Mortar is a physical web page for a business”


“‘There is increased competition going after the same customer, online can get prohibitively expensive, the cost of acquiring new customers and winning a search, eventually causing the digital native turn to Bricks & Mortar”


“There is a need to give customers the chance to see products before deciding where they want to order”


“With Bricks & Mortar customers can see the product before committing to purchasing and the retail stores get increased foot traffic”


“’Shopping Bricks & Mortar is fun and shows retailers if you put in effort and really treat shoppers like VIP’s, they will turn up and shop”’- Edwina McCann


“People still love a Bricks & Mortar shopping experience.”’


“Bricks and Mortar retail is used to compliment a stores online offering”


“Opening smaller format stores that cater for both local and tourist customers alike”- Abercrombie & fitch


“For companies that operate exclusively online, remaining at the top of search and top of mind becomes increasingly difficult. These companies use Bricks and Mortar locations as a “physical web page for their business” that gives the brand an opportunity to put themselves in front of new sets of customers in various markets”


“With Bricks and Mortar you are not relinquishing control of your brand messaging”


“Bricks and Mortar offers a sense of immersion, emotional connection and community”


“Bricks and Mortar allows customers to explore the brands narrative and giving them a strong emotional connection and memory of the brand to leave with”


“The former route to market via Department Stores are now going direct through websites and free-standing stores. They are going direct to the customer and not working through the department store concessions”